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Lindy Contorelli

Logan Hollowell’s Fine Jewelry Line is Inspired by the Cosmos

Logan Hollowell is known for natural and spiritual symbolism in her work. Her fine jewelry collection is handmade in Downtown Los Angeles, and is laden with totem animals, constellations, precious stones and metals, and sacred numerology. …via J…

LuxeTrend: Long Sleeve Swimwear for Summer 2017

Rash guards aren’t just for surfers anymore. Swimwear for Summer 2017 is coming straight off the runway and onto the beach, or from the looks of it, into some majorly posh pool parties. …via

Ringly: The Activity Tracker that’s Smart AND Stylish

Wearing activity trackers has been a trend for the last few years that many are weary of trying due to the bulky screen and ugly rubber wrist band that really just doesn’t fit into their daily style. …via